Colorado River Trip Details and Information

Colorado River Trip


Attached is additional information regarding the Colorado River Kayak Trip. You must be signed up by 11:59pm on 9/13/18 on the Sign Up Genius !

#1 WAIVER FORM IS REQUIRED- We must have original signature by the Monday night Scout Meeting on Sept. 17th. We must have your forms by the 17th, as I need to submit them into the outfitter on Tuesday the 18th.

Liability Waiver- DUE 9/17/2018 (Must have ink signed copy, due at the Monday night meeting!)

Waiver Instructions (just in case you have questions regarding what to complete)

#2 PAYMENT- The troop has agreed to cover a good portion of this trip. The troop is asking for $30 from each Scout/Leader/Parent who will be on the water to help offset all of the other costs that are incurred. Please make sure that you bring payment to Monday's meeting. If you are not paid on Monday you will be on the list to pay on the 21st. If funds are stopping any scout from attending, please reach out to

$15 ea. for gas money is also requested to pay your volunteer driving upon departure.

#3 CANCELLATIONS- If you are registered and on the list Thursday night, we will be paying for and reserving a kayak for you on Friday. If you are a leader and do not want to be on the water please let me know. Once the reservation is finalized, you are committed to the $30 fee EVEN IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND. It is only fair so please make sure that you are in or out!

Additional Information as well as a link to this sign up is included on the Troop website WWW.BSATROOP439.COM

Date: 09/21/2018 (Fri.) Time: 4:00pm meeting at Conex. 5:00pm departure. Please show up no later than 4:45pm or contact the Scoutmaster for arrangements. Arrival on Sunday will be between 2-4pm at the Conex. Your scout will call about an hour out to provide ETA. Please be available for pickup at anytime.

Travel:  Map to Willow Beach Marina This is where we will be staying and launching from

Food (No Candy No Soda):  

Friday night- Sack Dinner (we will be eating on the road)

Saturday- Breakfast at camp with Patrol (easy to prepare and quick clean up), Lunch on the river (planned with Patrol, easy to carry and keep dry), Dinner at camp with Patrol (Dutch oven or Grill)

Sunday- Breakfast with Patrol

Money: $30 Trip fee, $15 gas money, misc funds for stops/snacks on the road (~$10 should be sufficient if you are a thrifty scout!)

Special Info: Please make sure to pack properly. Swimsuit and sunscreen for the river, hat (wide brimmed), windbreaker & chapstick are some additional items you may want to consider. Please pack warm clothes as well, while it may be nice during the day expect some cooler temps at night. SHOES- please bring water shoes AND a pair of dry shoes/boots:

  • Sun Screen
  • PFD – These are included in rental however sometimes people have a favorite of their own.
  • Hat
  • Light Long-sleeved T-Shirt
  • Water Shoes – Must be worn on river. (Can be an old pair of shoes)
  • Sunglasses
  • Dry Bag for lunch, snacks and extra things you want to keep dry on River
  • Water proof Camera
  • At least 3 liters of water. Bring your filter!! (Each Patrol should have a water filter)
  • The rest you should know (We are camping!)
  • 10 essentials
  • Personal First Aid KIT
  • IF YOU ARE FISHING YOU MUST HAVE A FISHING LICENSE- $5/yr Combo Hunt/Fish ages 10-17

Weather: 7 Day Forecast NOAA

Outfitter Info: A special thank to Kayak Las Vegas/Desert Adventures for helping to contain costs and for all of the information provide preplanning. A special thank you goes out to Nancy Ritter for her assistance.

Contact: Ron Steinmetz- 623-229-8481 (in town, please contact first in case of emergency)

Contact: Dean Wilhelm- 202-631-4621 (on the outing- please contact Ron first)