BSA Troop 439 Hones their First Aid

On the night of Monday, May sixth, Scout Troop 439 met to enhance their first aid skills. Led by Sawyer Kai-Thomas and Aiden Bremmer, the Ghost Riders, Phantoms, and Stormtroopers learned more about current first aid care.

It is important for Scouts to learn First Aid because there are a lot of jobs that First Aid is required for. Say you wanted to become a paramedic? You need to know how to properly care for wounds, poison, emergences, and other dangerous things. Or say you wanted to work at a factory that produces flammable materials? You need to know how to treat burns. Or what if you wanted to become an astronaut? You need to know all basic first aid. Same with police, firefighters, and wounds that scouts may incur during their adventures.

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